Creation of e-courseware for B.F.Sc. programme


  • Creation of e-content to supplement class lecture.
  • Delivery of e-contents online and offline.
  • Sharing of open courseware web hosting.


  • Creating contents for all the courses with the required text, pictures, diagrams, quizzes, FAQs, animations and other audio and video clippings needed.
  • Capacity building of teachers-National training for team members, international training for project team.
  • Peer review of the developed course contents by experts / subject matter specialists.
  • Developing interactive multimedia e-learning modules for all the 56 courses.
  • Pilot testing and modification, if necessary, of the developed modules and hosting in web and taking multiple copies in DVDs / Blue Ray Media.


      Key advantages of e-learning are flexibility, convenience and ability to work at any place where an internet connection is available. There are also cost and time benefits without having to commute to and fro teaching campus. The developed e-courses would supplement and complement the class room teaching for the graduates of B.F.Sc. all over the country to make learning more effective. Besides, it would also be the resource for updating the knowledge and skills of field fisheries professionals.

      e-Learning system is expected to allow more time for the teachers to get equipped with recent advances in the subject matter and to enable the students to interact with the teachers more effectively and fruitfully for enhancing their knowledge and skills. Further, the e-Learning modules would provide the students an anytime and anywhere learning opportunity. Other advantages expected are the ability to communicate with fellow classmates independent of distance, greater adaptability to learners' needs, more variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal presentation of teaching materials.


  • Reduction of instructional space requirement
  • Creation of virtual class rooms
  • Newly recruited teachers getting adequately trained and informed
  • Increase in student enrolment
  • Improved quality of instruction (and teacher-student interaction)
  • Sharing of created e-courseware with other less equipped veterinary institutions
  • Provision of learner support services
  • Better faculty empowerment
  • Contemporary technology infrastructure


  • More flexibility in the time schedule
  • Saving of time
  • More time for interaction
  • Facilitation of 'any time' interaction
  • Improvement in self-confidence among learners
  • Avoidance of monotony of class room teaching
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